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Stephanie Nichols
Written by Stephanie Nichols, Naturopathic Physician
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The Bottom Line

What is great about Green Roads is, it’s easy to use website. It is evident that when designing the website, the company executives placed themselves in the shoes of both an experienced CBD buyer and a person who is brand-new to the game.

This company has a stellar reputation in the field. Information about their co-CEOs is easy to find and their accomplishments are impressive. A licensed pharmacist formulates all of their products.

Detailed information on their growing practices is a bit vague. While they do mention they use the highest quality standards and state of the art techniques, I am sure many are left puzzled by what that means. Their commitment to quality is demonstrated by extensive third-party testing. Lab results are available for every batch of each product and all of their products contain 0.00% THC.

Green Roads offers a relatively wide range of products, including oils, edibles, coffee, and topical creams. We like the bundle offers which give users a chance to try out products while remaining within a budget.

Their prices are very reasonable. Green Roads does not necessarily offer the cheapest products. Their pricing is about average in the field.

As an example, their CBD oils come in a variety of concentrations and range from $0.27 – $0.14 per mg of CBD. Competitor prices are usually $0.19 – $0.08 per mg of CBD.

Pros: Cons:
  • Easy to use website
  • Free shipping with purchase of over $100
  • Several discount offers and emails including 50% off for military and first responders
  • Products are all third party tested with reports readily available for every batch
  • Reasonable prices
  • A large variety of products for both humans and animals
  • Some glitches within the website when changing the quantity of items during check-out
  • The texture of Green Roads CBD oils is thick and goopy
  • No option provided for expedited shipping
  • Little information available on their hemp growing practices

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Consumption Method
Oil & Tinctures, Creams & Topicals, , Capsules, Gummies & Edibles
Hemp Source
CBD Strength
100 mg - 3500 mg, Oils & Tinctures: 16.6-60.6mg/ml; Gummies & Edibles: 10-50mg per gummy; Creams & Topicals: 0.6-10mg/ml; Capsules: 25mg per capsule
Offers Tastes
Price Per Mg CBD
$0 - $26.99
Military Veteran Discount
Extract Types
Broad Spectrum
Money Back Guarantee
Price Range
$4.99 - $420
CBD Extract Method
Worldwide Shipping
Green Roads products

Table of Contents

About The Company

Green Roads has an excellent reputation in the field. Although it wasn’t anywhere to be found on their website, Green Roads was founded in 2011. Their headquarters are in Deerfield Beach, FL, USA.

They are fairly transparent about who they are, what they do, and what others think about them. This is why we awarded them a 8/10 on company, reputation, and transparency. Some information you have to dig for, and some information is a bit vague, but overall, the company is run by two respectable, qualified individuals.

If you want to learn about the Green Roads company, they make it easy with an “About Us” tab on their website. Within this tab, they offer detailed information about their co-founders and the company itself.

Green Roads founders provide pictures and short bios about each of their two co-founders – one who is an experienced businessman and the other who is a licensed compounding pharmacist with over 25 years of experience.

Within their bios, each co-founder discusses their previous experience in business and supplement formulation. Laura, the licensed pharmacist with over 25 years of experience, is responsible for all of Green Road’s formulations. This is one of the strengths of Green Roads as not all CBD companies have such a qualified and well trained formulator.

They note that they have been named the #1 privately-held CBD company in the U.S. However, they do not give much more detail about the origin of the award. According to their site, they have also been named one of the top 10 CBD brands in the country by Forbes in 2017. In addition, the company has been featured on Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, CBS, NBC, BuzzFeed, and NowThis. When searching online, we couldn’t find any mention of the company in Forbes or BuzzFeed, but we could view their CBS interview video.

A quick look at their product reviews, facebook reviews, and google reviews will demonstrate that Green Roads is a company that people respect. Their average star ratings assigned are between 4 and 5 from all sources.

To contact Green Roads, they make it easy. On the “Contact Us” tab they offer several user-friendly ways to get in touch with them; a phone number, live chat, email, and a mailing address for their headquarters, which is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Manufacturing Process

As far as their manufacturing process goes, they provide some information; however, their growing practices are left a bit unclear. We gave Green Roads a 8/10 for Transparency Accuracy & Reputation, as they have impressive third party testing results and well documented standards, but we wish we knew more details about their growing process and hemp source.

Under the ‘Learn’ tab on their website, Green Roads offers some vague information about their cultivation and extraction methods. They do not go into great detail and simply use describing words like “newest, most advanced extraction technologies.” Unfortunately, instead of providing clarity, this leaves a bit too much to the imagination.

They do mention that the company makes use of industrial hemp grown on American farms, This is the extent to which they outline their growing process.

Green Roads does go into more detail is in their discussion of third-party product testing. They mention on their “Learn” web page that all of their products are sent to external labs with the “strictest standards for independent testing.” Every product is labeled with a Q.R. code which correlates with the actual lab results.

I engaged with their online chat option to obtain more information about their growing process and what lab they utilize. They were quick to respond and provided me information similar to what is already on the website.

They employ Evio labs located in Nevada. Evio is a well-known third party testing laboratory company who specializes in CBD and cannabis products.

Their third party testing looks at an array of quality factors including the level of microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, THC, and of course, CBD. This is an important thing to look for when choosing a CBD company.

Currently, CBD products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and therefore, quality and purity standards vary from company to company. Third-party testing ensures that what is on the label is reflected in the product.

When examining their testing results, it appears that their results are consistent with what is printed on their product labels. For example, their CBD oil 100mg contained 101.84mg of CBD, and 6.78mg of CBD per serving (as compared to 7mg listed on the label) and 0.00% THC. The product passed all of their safety examinations: pesticides, microbe levels, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and residual solvents.

Range of Products

Green Roads offers a wide range of products for people and will offer CBD products for pets in the near future. They offer edibles such as gummies, CBD oils, syrups, capsules, terpenes, coffee, and teas, as well as topical creams. At this time, they do not offer any vape products. We gave them a 9/10 for the range of products category for these reasons. All of their CBD is broad spectrum and CO2 extracted.


They offer topical muscle creams ranging from 150mg of CBD to 500mg of CBD per bottle with prices from $39.99 – $84.99. Price per CBD ranges from $0.17 – $0.27 per mg.


Gummy products ranging from $4.99-$59.99; with 10-50mg of CBD per gummy, and unit prices ranging from 0.15-$0.20 per mg CBD.


One product available for $89.99 with 750mg total CBD and 25mg per capsule at a cost of $0.12 per mg CBD.

Daily Doses

There are single servings of their CBD available, called Daily Doses, which have 23mg to 50mg per dose and range in price from $6.99 and $11.99. That comes out to $0.24 to $0.30 per mg CBD.


CBD Amount Range
7 mg/ml - 58 mg/ml
Price Range
$26.99 - $420
Price Per Mg CBD
$0.14 - $0.27
THC Concentration
< undefined%
CBD Per Serving
7 mg - 58 mg
Time to Impact
Offers Tastes
Additional Information
Non GMO, Pesticide Free, Kosher, CO2
Extract Types
Broad Spectrum
Overal Bottle Volume Range
15 ml - 60 ml

There are 4oz. bottles of CBD syrup at $29.99 each, all containing 60mg total CBD. This provides 15mg per serving along with a total of 10mg of melatonin. The unit cost is $0.50 per mg of CBD. Flavors offered include grape, strawberry, and mango.


Green Roads oil tinctures


These naturally occurring materials are found in hemp plants and impart smell and taste. Terpenes act in synergy with the CBD oil, enhancing beneficial effects. These Green Roads products contain both terpenes and CBD. They come in several flavors including original Nectar, Sour Diesel, Strawberry AK, Pineapple Express, Tange and Blueberry OG.

These products are available as a daily dose form containing 7mg of CBD and cost $7.99 ($1.14 per mg CBD). A bottle containing 100mg of CBD sells for $37.99 ($0.40 per mg CBD). Keep in mind these products contain terpenes, which explains their price per mg of CBD is so much higher when compared to other products.

Tea & Coffee

Coffee comes in packages ranging in size from 2oz. to 16oz. and the customer has a choice of regular or decaffeinated. Prices range from $13 to $54.99 with a total of 60-500mg of CBD per container. All products contain 6-7.5mg of CBD per serving with a unit cost ranging from $0.22 to $0.11 per mg of CBD. They have one tea option flavored with chamomile priced at $6.99 which contains 7mg of CBD. The unit cost is $1 per mg of CBD.

Green Roads CBD oils are broad spectrum and obtained using safe CO2 extraction. CBD content, price and price per mg of CBD range from:

Total CBD Price Price per mg CBD
100mg of CBD $26.99 $0.27/mg CBD
250mg of CBD $45.99 $0.19/mg CBD
350mg of CBD $64.99 $0.19/mg CBD
550mg of CBD $85.99 $0.16/mg CBD
1000mg of CBD $162.99 $0.16/mg CBD
1500mg of CBD $209.99 $0.14/mg CBD
3500mg of CBD $420.00 $0.12/mg CBD

As you can see, there is modest savings achieved when purchasing a high potency product.

Green Road also offers bundles with several of their products packaged in smaller quantities as well as “Daily Doses” which provide a single dose of their CBD oil to try. They do not offer free samples of any of their products, so if you are curious about the product you will have to purchase the entire container or the “Daily Dose.”

Green Roads has 10 different bundles which all contain broad spectrum, CO2 extracted CBD.

Grab and Go bundle ($34.99)


  • 3 daily doses (7mg of CBD per serving)
  • 1 CBD Froggie (50mg CBD each)
  • 5 Relief Toads (10mg CBD each)
  • 5 Relax Bears (10mg CBD each)

Total CBD: 171mg

Traveler’s bundle ($74.99)


  • 5 Relief Toads (10mg CBD each)
  • 2 Sleepy Z’s (25mg CBD each)
  • 2 daily doses (33mg CBD per serving)
  • 1oz. Muscle & Joint cream (300mg CBD total)

Total CBD: 466mg

Daily Dose bundle ($44.99)


  • 7 daily doses (23mg CBD each)

Total CBD: 161mg

Stars and Stripes bundle ($138.99)


  • 1 daily doses (50mg CBD)
  • 1 bottle of Relax Bears (10mg CBD each; 300mg total)
  • 1 bottle of 15ml CBD oil (37mg per serving; 550mg total)

Total CBD: 900mg

CBD Essential bundle ($162)


  • 1oz. Muscle & Joint cream (300mg CBD total)
  • 1 bottle of Relax Bears (10mg CBD each; 300mg total)
  • 1 bottle of 15ml CBD oil (23mg per serving; 350mg total)

Total CBD: 950mg

Founder’s Favorite bundle ($130.99)


  • 1oz. Muscle & Joint cream (300mg CBD total)
  • 1 bottle of 15ml CBD oil (37mg per serving; 550mg total)

Total CBD: 850mg

Our Plant bundle ($67)


  • CBD Coffee (60mg CBD total in 8-10 cups)
  • 1 CBD Froggie (25mg CBD each)
  • 1 bottle of Relief Toads (10mg CBD each; 400mg total)

Total CBD: 485mg

What’s also special about this bundle is 10% of the proceeds will go to the Center for Great Apes.

Sweet Tooth bundle ($36.99)


  • 1 CBD Froggie Sourz (25mg CBD each)
  • 1 CBD Froggie (50mg CBD each)
  • 5 Relief Toads (10mg CBD each)
  • 5 Fruit Bites (10mg CBD each)
  • 5 Relax Bears (10mg CBD each)
  • 4 CBD Froggie (25mg CBD each)
  • 1 Daily Dose (7mg of CBD per serving)

Total CBD: 257mg

Our two favorite bundles are:

Beginner Relax Bundle

This bundle is offered for $79 for first-time buyers (and $115 afterward). It includes:

  • 15ml CBD oil (350mg)
  • 5 Relief Toads (10mg CBD each)
  • 2 Sleepy Z’s (25mg CBD each)
  • CBD Coffee (60mg CBD total in 8-10 cups)

Total CBD: 445mg

Beginner Relief Bundle

Offered for $100 for first-time buyers ($123 afterward). It includes:

  • Daily Dose 7 pack (23mg CBD each)
  • Muscle & Joint Heat Relief roll-on (250mg CBD)
  • 5 Relief Toads (10mg CBD each)
  • 2 Sleepy Z’s (25mg CBD each)

Total CBD: 511mg

Both of these bundles allow you to sample different products to see what you like best. Also, we appreciate a pretty good first-time buyer’s discount.

There are two groups of people who will benefit from taking the time to navigate through the website. If you are a veteran or a first responder, after verification, you are eligible to receive 50% off all orders on Green Roads.

At the bottom of the page, under “Customer Service”, there are more options for obtaining discounts and their terms and conditions. This is less accessible and I actually did not see this until my third or fourth time scrolling through the site.

Buying Experience

The site itself is very intuitive and user-friendly. All the tabs at the top are clearly labeled. When browsing through their “Shop” tab, you can easily view all of their available products. Each product is clearly labeled with its price.

Once you click on a product, you will have quick and easy access to plenty of information about the product itself on several pages: Description, Lab sheet, Reviews, FAQs, CBD Compliance & Safety.

The “description” tab is really the product label. It lists the size of the product, the total CBD content, the CBD dose per serving, instructions concerning how to take the product, and all of the ingredients.

The “lab sheet” gives you quick access to the results from the third-party testing for each and every batch of the product.

The “review” tab reveals what other people think of the product using a 5-star scale. Unfortunately, there isn’t any written feedback, so it is hard to know what characteristics in particular people like or do not like about a product.

The “FAQ” tab lists many questions about CBD, how it works, its legality, etc. It is a great information source for people who are just getting into CBD or are not familiar with the products.

The “CBD Compliance and Safety” tab outlines the current laws surrounding the sale and purchase CBD products.

The check out was relatively easy. After finding the products I wanted to purchase, the buttons to add products into the cart were obvious and located under each product.

On each product’s page, there were suggestions underneath for similar products. This made it easy to compare and contrast a variety of different products.

They do not provide different shipping options, which is a downer if you want your products right away.

After placing your order, the processing time is said to take 2-3 business days. Shipping is free for orders over $100. Shipping is by UPS ground, and they mention it may take 7 business days to receive your order.  On the “Terms and Conditions” page they mention a few different options for shipping, but when checking out, I did not see any options for selecting my shipping speed.

I did experience some glitches when placing my order – I accidentally put ‘2’ for the muscle cream, and since I only wanted to purchase 1, I had to refresh the page several times to get the quantity to register as 1. Eventually, I was able to sort this out with the help of customer service.

If you are seeking more information about their return  and shipping policies, you will not find it when checking out. You will have to navigate down to the bottom of the website and find the “Terms and Conditions ”link.

Green Roads offers full refunds for unopened products within a 30-day window. They recommend calling their customer care line to process a refund. However, they have a “Returns” button at the bottom of the page where you can enter your order number and zip code to begin processing a return. It is a bit unclear if you can use their online form alone or if you must call their line.

They have an easy to use tracking tab at the bottom of the page under customer service. As long as you have your order number, which is emailed to you when you place an order, you can find out exactly when you will receive your order.

When I tried to track my order, I could sort of see when it was expected, but the page never did seem to completely load. 

My products arrived 6 days from the day I ordered them. The products arrived in a large yellow envelope which was very discreet. They included a packing slip invoice listing  all of the products contained in my order.

Products Reviewed

We purchased both the Relax Beginners Bundle and the Muscle & Joint Relief Cream.

Muscle & Joint Relief Cream (1oz.), $39.99, 150mg of broad spectrum, CO2 extracted CBD ($0.26/mg CBD)

Since they recommend applying a small pump to the affected area every 4-6 hours, it is unclear how many servings each bottle contains.

The cream comes in a small cardboard box which details the name of the product, the amount of CBD and all of the ingredients present in the cream. The cream itself was packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump for easy dispensing.  

The cream felt silky and smooth rather than greasy or oily. It rubs into the skin easily and does not leave any residue. It has a delightful and calming smell due to the lavender and chamomile essential oil infusion. 

The cream is paraben-free and has not been tested on animals. People who are wary of chemicals such as parabens, know that research suggests they may be linked to some types of cancer, They want to avoid products containing them. Green Roads recommends this product for muscle and joint aches and pains. Keep in mind, these are the company’s recommendations and the information has not been verified by us.

Printed messages on both the box and the plastic bottle indicate that there is no detectable THC (0.00%). This was confirmed by looking at the Q.R. code and the associated lab sheet. In addition, the lab sheet indicated that there is 150mg of CBD in the batch, which is consistent with the information on the label.

The Beginner’s Relax Bundle, $79

Contained 4 CBD products which are all broad spectrum and CO2 extracted.

  • Sleepy Z’s – 2 CBD night time gummies (0.5mg melatonin and 25mg CBD each)
  • Relief Toads – 5 fruit-flavored gummies (10mg CBD each)
  • CBD Coffee which makes 8-10 cups (60mg CBD total)
  • CBD Oil – 15ml containing 350mg of their broad spectrum, CO2 extracted CBD oil (23mg/ml)

Both gummies came in individual small plastic wrappers which clearly outlined what was inside. The Relief Toads are indicated for times of stress while the Sleepy Z’s are recommended for inducing sleep. Both are pectin based, which means they are vegan. The Relief Toads in this size retail for $7.99 and the Sleepy Z’s retail for $10.

Both of the gummies contain corn syrup as their first ingredient. Each gummy supplies 10 calories and 2g of sugar. The gummies contain artificial colors – FD&C Red 40, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Blue 1. Some health savvy consumers avoid artificial colors due to their potential negative impact on health. 

The Relief Toads are the only gummy product they offer that are completely free from artificial colors.

Both smell and taste like a fruit snack at first, but after chewing for a couple of seconds, you can taste the strong earthy flavor of the CBD. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant; it was just intense and a bit drying to the mouth. They both have a great texture, which wasn’t too chewy, but soft and silky. 

The coffee is packaged in a plastic envelope typical of most coffees. It exuded a great aroma while brewing. It smelled of roasted caramel coffee. The flavor was mild and pleasant and the coffee mixed with milk quickly. The coffee is said to be organic. However, it does not have a verification stamp. Alone, 2 oz of the CBD coffee sells for $13.99 which is a lot more expensive than your typical coffee.The CBD oil arrived in a cardboard box which had a window that allowed you to see the amber bottle of CBD inside. On the back, there are instructions that explain how to measure the quantity of CBD you are taking using their dropper. The dropper is child-proof so you can rest assured that children won’t be getting into this product.

You have to shake the bottle quite a bit to mix the oil. Even so, the oil inside is quite gloppy. This makes measuring the amount of oil using the dropper difficult. It tends to pick up a lot of air bubbles and shoot out quickly when the rubber bulb is compressed.

The oil itself is not flavored, so it tastes quite earthy and sweet due to the glycerin content. It leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste and the formulation imparts a drying sensation to the tongue.  Since the instructions tell you to hold the CBD oil under your tongue for 30 second, you don’t necessarily perceive too much of the texture. 

Green Roads does not describe circumstances where this product may be useful to the consumer. It is up to the consumer to know when CBD may be helpful. 

The CBD oil contains no detectable THC. The THC content printed on the label is 0.00%. That reflects the analysis shown on the lab sheet that is available for viewing online. 

Alone, this product retails for $64.99. 

If you do the math, this bundle is a good deal at $79, but not so great at its regular price of $123.

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